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5 Ways to Encourage Kids to Drink More Water

girl drinking filtered water from water cooler

1. Make it easily available & convenient

Like with anything, if it’s easily available and convenient you’re more likely to have it. Get a water dispenser that the kids can get to easily on their own.

2. Get them their own special water bottle

The options are unlimited. Make a deal out of it, and have them choose their own water bottle or cup.

3. Set an example

It’s a no brainer. Kids are more likely to drink more water if they see the grown ups doing it.

4. Make a scene

Invest in a water cooler and water filter – it’ll be the centre of attention. Just by having a water cooler, the kids will be drawn to it and will want to use it. Besides, nothing beats chilled filtered water – on tap!

5. Reward system

Have a reward system for the family. Decide on how many cups of water to drink each day. Then have a fun activity or treat that everyone can enjoy.

Want to drink more water? Get a water cooler now!


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