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Frequently Asked Questions About My Water Cooler

questions about a water cooler and water filter

1. My water cooler is leaking. What could be causing this?

99.9% of the time the leak is caused by a tiny hole the size of a pin prick in the bottle. Take the bottle off the water cooler, switch off & disconnect the power plug from the wall socket and contact us at

2. How often should my water cooler be serviced and the water filter replaced?

Your water cooler should be serviced every 6 months. The water filter should be replaced every 12 months to maximize performance. The good news – Optimum H2O takes care of all of this for you!

3. No power?

Check your water cooler is connected to the mains electricity supply and the red power switch is turned on. Check the power cord is securely fitted to the socket at the back of your cooler. Ensure your mains power outlet is working.

4. Why is my water cooler not cooling?

This could be happening for a few different reasons:

  • Make sure your cooler is plugged in and switched on (you’d be amazed at how often this is the cause) – see question 3.

  • Are lots of people using the cooler? If the tank has been drained, wait 15 minutes for the water to chill.

  • Check that your cooler’s thermostat is set to an optimum temperature for cooling the water (found at the back of the cooler). To make the water colder, rotate the screw in the clockwise direction approximately 1 hour position. Allow the cooler to stabilize for 2-3 hours to ensure proper temperature of the cold water. (Note: do not change the setting by more than 1 hour setting at a time to prevent freezing).

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