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How to Make a Home Office

home office with a water cooler

1. Use a monitor stand

Do yourself a favour and make sure your PC screen is at the right ergonomic height.

2. Time to put those empty Moccona coffee jars to use

Find easy storage for your pens, pencils and paperclips.

3. Go natural

Open the blinds and get as much natural light as possible.

4. Back to the ergonomics

Invest in a proper office chair – you won’t regret it! If you’re seated for most of the day, make sure it’s a 3 lever.

5. Finish off your home office with your own water cooler

All offices have them, so why shouldn’t your home office? Staying hydrated is an absolute must. Treat yourself to chilled filtered water, on tap!

Want a water cooler? Get a water cooler now!


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